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How to choose hardwood flooring

There are numerous domestic and exotic species from which to choose and they're all so beautiful it can be tough to make a decision! The five most commonly selected are oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and hickory. There is a lot more to consider, however. Read along with us!

Durability in hardwood

While all hardwood is hard, some species are tougher than others. If you have kids, pets, or any other durability issues, you need to consider this when selecting your hardwood floors. Heart Pine and Ash are two of the softer ones and are more prone to scratching and denting. Mahogany and Brazilian walnut are very hard. The Janka Hardness Rating System lists numbers in different woods, with hardness increasing as the numbers do. In general, exotics tend to be harder.

Do you like the drama of a lot of knots and swirls, or would you rather be quieter? Some, like oak, hickory, and knotty pines have more than others, while others, like cherry, are a little more subtle. Also know that domestic species tend to be less expensive and are milder in color while exotics like ipe, kempas, have bold, dramatic hues. The best thing is to talk in detail to us, a hardwood flooring retailer so we can help select the right one for you.

Open or closed grain

Open or closed grain refers to the wood's pore size and it directly affects texture. When fibers are packed tighter together and have a harder surface it's called "closed grain." The surface is a little smoother. Maple, alder, and walnut are examples. Open-grained wood, also sometimes called "ring-porous" means the fibers are loosely packed. They are still hard, but splinter more easily. These grains have a coarser texture and the pores can be visible. Oak, elm, and ash are "ring porous" open-grained woods.

There are two types of hardwood, solid and engineered. They are both real wood, but one is solid throughout the engineered is constructed with crisscross pieces of wood for stability and flexibility. Both can be re-sanded and refinished, depending on the thickness. Also, consider the plank size: wider is currently trending and they are more traditional with plenty of room to display the knots, grains, and swirls. Narrow planks are more contemporary, casual, and ideal for smaller areas.

For the best hardwood flooring in Weatherford

To help you decide what type of hardwood flooring best suits your lifestyle and budget, visit the CSG West Granite & Floors showroom in Weatherford, TX. Our wood floor experts will get you a free quote and before you know it, your hardwood floors will be installed in no time. We serve customers from our Weatherford, TX showroom in Weatherford, TX, Aledo, TX, Granbury, TX, Benbrook, TX, && Parker County, TX.